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NGP: Lumines dev 'always thinking' about new tech

Mizuguchi studio "looking into whatever's new"

Q Entertainment, developer of one of PSP's greatest launch titles, Lumines, says it's "always thinking" about new technology such as Sony's NGP.

Speaking to CVG at last week's Microsoft showcase, where it was showing off Kinect Rez-alike Child of Eden, Q producer James Mielke said the studio's always looking at new technology, as it proved by jumping straight on to PSP with Lumines (and now Kinect).


"As a new technology and as with any new technology of course we're always thinking about it," he said, when asked about the possibility of a NGP Lumines.

"We don't have anything to announce right now but we're always looking into whatever's new and what we can do with it."

Asked about Sony's other emerging platform, the PlayStation Move, Q continued its silence on the PS3 version of Child of Eden.

"This being a Microsoft event I can pretty much say that we have announced it for other platforms but that's all we can say at the moment," said Mielke.

Child of Eden's out in Q2 2011. Hit the link for some fresh Child of Eden Kinect videos.