Win a trip to E3: Represent CVG at Motorstorm Apocalypse

Wanted: 20 talented men and women

If you're a devil behind the steering wheel, if you laugh in the face of virtual danger, then don't forget to enter the Motorstorm: Apocalypse competition that could see you represent CVG against some of the most feared Motorstorm racers in the land.

And if you happen to be the best of the bunch, you'll be shipped of to attend E3 in LA. Not bad.

Basically, we need 20 brave members of the CVG massive who fancy their chances at showing the world what they're made of in a MotorStorm Apocalypse tournament, to be held in London on March 10, 2011.


The first stage is to enter the competition by clicking here and following the instructions.

You'll be given a simple task: to tell us how you would survive the apocalypse in no more than 100 words.

The best 20 answers will receive a copy of MotorStorm Apocalypse, and the winners will travel to the Future Publishing offices in London to battle it out with the other winners in a MotorStorm Apocalypse tournament.

There's more to it than that though. Much more.

The top four combatants will receive a bundle of Sony's 2011 line-up, containing Killzone 3, Infamous 2, Resistance 3 & Uncharted 3.

All 20 entrants will then be taken to MotorStorm Apocalypse LIVE, held by Sony, where the top CVG drivers will compete with representatives from other gaming websites for the top prize - a trip to E3 in Los Angeles as Sony's guest and a 3D Sony Bravia TV kit.

So, get yourself over to the Motorstorm Apocalypse hub and get representin' by reading the terms and conditions (by entering you are agreeing to them) and then by being as entertaining as you are in our comments every day. It's an amazing prize but the real bounty is, of course, pride. We're counting on you.

The competition closes on March 3, 2011 and MotorStorm Apocalypse will be available to buy on March 18.