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Battlefield 3 is 'the best looking PC game in the world '

PC Gamer says EA's newest FPS is built to showcase what the PC can do

Our friends over at PC Gamer have given their first impressions of Battlefield 3 after seeing the EA FPS last night.

Writing for the PC Gamer website, editor Tim Edwards was most impressed by the game's graphics, which you can see for yourself in the Battlefield 3 gameplay trailer that hit the net this morning.

"It's the sheer visual quality that's the real star," says Tim. "I think it's down to the lighting - the bright sunshine of the Iraq level was extremely impressive."


"When the demo transitioned to the indoors, shafts of sunlight shone through any open windows, creating gorgeous pillars of dust. It absolutely looked a step ahead of last year's big shooters."

"It's built for the PC, to showcase what the PC is capable of. And it's the best looking PC game in the world right now."

Tim went on to say, however, that the actual shooting element of Battlefield 3 was less impressive, apparently making no major steps forward compared to what we've got on the market already:

"Battlefield's single player campaign is clearly a tightly scripted, tightly controlled shooting gallery. In the demo, there was little evidence of enemy soldiers using their own brains to find cover and avoid getting shot."

"Nor did your team-mates do anything to really help out. The player simply pointed the gun at the baddies heads until they fell over. There was a brief moment when the developer used a grenade to blow a chunk of balcony away to reveal a sniper (complete with satisfying ragdoll wheeling through the air), but mostly the player lined up headshots until the PLR began to retreat."

A few new Battlefield 3 screenshots also came out of GDC. We've stuck them in below for you to have a look at.

[ SOURCE: PC Gamer ]