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First 3DS firmware update out now

Networking features and new 3D music video added

Nintendo's launched the first firmware update for 3DS, adding some networking features and a new 3D music video.


The update takes the system to version 1.1.0-1J, according to Andriasang. For our Japanese readers (?) and the importers amongst you, here's what the system update includes:

- General system stability update
- Update to SpotPass: expansion of data retrieval for things like the notice list
- Bug fix for Network functionality: the system had previously been unable to receive data from some hot spots and Nintendo Zones.
- Addition of Music Live 3D Video: Adds Super Mario Bros. theme featuring Koji Kondo on piano.

Satoru Iwata said this week he wants 3DS sales to surpass the 140 million DS units shifted to date.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]