GDC: Nintendo Satoru Iwata Keynote - LIVE

All the announcements live from 5pm GMT

The real meat of GDC 2011 splatters onto your screen from 5pm GMT (9am PST / 12pm EST) this afternoon, when Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata takes to the stage in San Francisco for a one hour keynote.

The Nintendo boss is set to deliver a speech titled 'Video Games Turn 25: A Historical Perspective and Vision for the Future'.


Iwata will "draw from his development roots and talk not only about how video gaming has evolved, but also, more importantly, he will offer his views on where we go from here," reads the keynote's official description.

As with previous years, at least one big announcement is expected to drop during the talk.

The last time Iwata keynoted the conference back in 2009, the CEO announced Zelda: Spirit Tracks for DS, SD card support for Wii and more.

We'll be there, laptop at the ready. Nintendo's also planning to live stream the whole thing.

Check back for updates from just before 5pm GMT...

Hi all. We're all set and waiting to get this show on the road.

We're expecting Ninty pres Satoru Iwata to hit the stage at around 5. As the title of the keynote suggests, he's going to be laying down some video game history and looking to the future.

We're expecting some announcements as well though, probably 3DS related. 3D Zelda's already had a mention from you lot. Is that top of your lists?

Just so you know what we're dealing with here: Metal seats - uncomfortable.

The room's huge though, packed full as well. They're filling any remaining air space with Razorlight.

WHERESMYMONKEY wants Skyward Sword and he wants it now! What say the rest of you?

Here we go...

The director of GDC takes to the stage first for a few words.

Here he is. Iwata takes to the stage.

Talk about the industry today revolving around words like "instability" and "gambles" Iwata seems optimistic though.

Iwata goes back to his game development routes with a young Iwata photo - a little tubbier back then.

Miyamoto taught Iwata that "content really is king" and the importance of imagination in game design - The fundamentals of Nintendo right there.

Confusing graph on the screen at the moment. Showing the change in the age of people who play video games over time.

Social network games getting some time now as another big development in recent development.

Iwata's keen to point out that social network gaming is new, but social games are not.

'People were playing on connected computers in the 70s'

The N64 gets a mention as a development in social for Ninty thanks to its four controllers.

Iwata tips hat to Call of Duty along with Xbox LIVE as social phenomenons of the modern day.

Now we're on the topic of "must have" games and hardware. The Ninty pres says Game Boy was one of those.

Everything from Angry Birds to GTA get a mention to show the diversity of must have games.

Mario springs to the screen as an example of a franchise that's changed to remain successful. You're not kidding Iwata - boy was the plumber ugly back in the day compared to his handsome modern day self.

Sorry for the gap folks. Connection's slowed right down.

This bit of the keynote is pretty dev geared. We've still got potential new announcements at the back of our minds.

Another connection drop there - frustrating.

We're onto the 3DS now - firmly up to date.

Talking about the 3DS network features 'sometimes the network will find people' sounds scary - He means Spot Pass though... We hope.

"WiiWare and DSi services haven't operated as they should"

Reggie Filse-Aime comes out to talk: "Make no mistake, the [3DS] exists to play games"

"Content and location" that's the 3DS ethos says Reggie - "All content on the 3DS is going to look like nothing you've seen from Nintendo before- even in 2D"

He's talking about Netflix and 3D trailers coming to the 3DS - unfortunately Netflix is US only. We're sure we'll get an EU equivalent.

On to 3DS photo features and another mention for 3D video recording, they've been quiet on that for a while... Oh, it's a "Stay tuned" - More waiting.

'Spot Pass dramatically increases remote connectivity' - Reggie throws stats at us about the average human's connection habits.

Over 10,000 AT&T hot-spots for 3DS later this year. Again, US specific and nothing to do with Zelda...

DSiWare download system, web browser and e-shop coming in May - Reggie points out that they're all there to help spread the developers' work.

Iwata returns.

"I'd like to spend some time talking about new games" Happy to let you Mr. Iwata!

New Super Mario game with a tail in its logo. What does it mean? We'll find out at E3 apparently.

Here you are Zelda lovers, it's on.

Skyward Sword lights up the big screen.

Some nice looking gameplay but nothing much more than that.

We'll get Ocarina of time by June though.

Now we're on to the future. Something tells us that was our lot as far as announcements are concerned.

Iwata's talking about his concerns for the future now - added stress, costs, hours for game developers.

'500 retail games for PS3 700 for 360 more than 1000 for Wii and DS makes it very challenging to gain hit status with the public.'

'Is maintaining high value games a top priority or not?' Iwata asks. We personally would like to think so.

Mobile phones as a gaming platform don't have the drive to maintain the quality that console manufacturers like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo says Iwata.

'They don't maintain high value because quantity is more important than quality for them.' Bit of a knock there for the mobile platform.

Iwata concludes with a quote warning developers against business driven creations. 'Don't stop striving to make the impossible possible' he urges.

And that's it, he's off and so are we. Muse blaring over the speakers. Cheers for sticking with us folks.