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Battlefield 3 gameplay - 79 stunning screens from the latest trailer

Beautiful urban warfare one frame at a time

EA put out a new, and frankly eye-popping, Battlefield 3 gameplay trailer this morning, giving us our fist unadulterated look at how the new FPS is likely to turn out.

The trailer was so mesmerising (Tamoor hasn't said a word all morning, nor has he closed his mouth yet) that we snagged an HD video and grabbed a whopping 79 screenshots from it for your viewing pleasure.


We think the in-game lighting steals the show, especially when it seeps through slats in windows and illuminates sheets of dust floating through the air.

Obviously the majority of the trailer is a fast-paced affair and so there's some significant blurring throughout, making it a bit of a 'mare to capture at times.

We took most of the shots when we caught the camera in focus but if some of the images seem a bit distorted in places, you'll know the most likely reason.

We're expecting more of the same from Battlefield 3 on March 16 when, the trailer says, part two of this mission will be aired. Can't wait.