Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes: Who should get Uncharted movie role?

Director David O. Russell reportedly considering both

Uncharted film director David O. Russell is torn between Scarlett Johansson and Eva Mendes when it comes to picking a female lead to partner Nathan Drake.

That comes from Drake actor Mark Wahlberg himself, according to IGN.


The lead actor and director answered questions from press at Sunday's Academy Awards and revealed a few more small details about the film.

David O. Russell said that the film's rating will undoubtedly be PG-13 but he's looking to push that as far as he can. He also reiterated his angle on the Uncharted story:

"I'm excited to make Uncharted a really dope crime family in the world of antiquities and art," he said. "And I think we could do something very exciting."

At the beginning of February Russell said he'd love to get Johansson to take the role, but now, if Wahlberg's words are anything to go by, there seems to be competition.

Russell also mentioned a wish to get Robert De Niro to star in the film back in February. One of the characters was specifically written with De Niro in mind and another for Joe Pesci. Both got a "we'll see" from Wahlberg and Russell at the Academy Awards regarding their possible involvement.