3DS UK launch - 185K units, says source

GAME thinks it'll probably have enough stock to satisfy demand

Sources have told to expect 185,000 3DS units for the UK launch on March 25.


That figure would be in excess of the original PSP's launch total, the site reports, although far fewer than the 400,000 shipped to Japan for the 3DS launch last weekend, all of which were reportedly snapped up in 24 hours.

While UK launch numbers haven't been officially confirmed, a GAME spokesperson told GI: "There seems to be enough stock for launch - but if everybody who is excited about the product buys it, there probably will be stores (not just GAME or Gamestation) that sell out.

"We're expecting queues for the launch of the 3DS, both for GAME and Gamestation stories, when they open. The 3DS... has the potential for a huge following, and therefore a huge sell-through."

Over 100 GAME stores will open their doors at midnight when 3DS goes on sale on March 25.