CVG's Site Of The Week: Evil Avatar

Our favourites from around the web...

Last week we shone the CVG spotlight on PlayStation Lifestyle, one of our favourite platform specific hang-outs on the web.

But now it's back onto multi-platform mentions and this week we're giving a shout out to Evil Avatar, a volunteer run news-based site that's been around since 1998.

That's what you call experience right there and by picking new staff based on their previous contributions as site users, you know every writer has gotten a place on Evil Avatar thanks to his or her own passion and commitment.

We sat down with Evil Avatar's features editor Martin Perry to get a bit more insight:

What sets Evil Avatar apart from other sites?

A few things we think, even if we're trying to keep the ego in check. Firstly, we're run by a very small volunteer staff who earn their spots through contribution as users. That gives our content a very special edge. The 'Reds', the site's editors and moderators, have an incredible platform to voice their opinions, and we do it unabashedly. We try and get users involved in that as much as possible too, and regularly post quality user reviews alongside content written by our staff members. When you read something on Evil Avatar, you know it's genuine, we haven't got a pay packet to worry about. We just want the site to be the best it can be.

Secondly, our heritage plays a big part in us being able to throw down with the big boys of gaming journalism. We've been around since 1998, that's pretty unusual for a gaming website and something we're really proud of. There's a mature audience to go along with that, so discussion on the forums is a bit more intelligent than the usual board. Or at least we think so.

Finally, our front page. The big bonus of not relying on ads to pay anything more than the hosting bill (and postage for our regular give-aways) is that we can pile stuff onto the landing. You can visit Evil Avatar once a day and you'll get a massive digest of gaming news. It's all there, you don't have to click anywhere else and you're already an oracle of videogame knowledge.

What would you say you specialize in?

News. First and foremost we are about delivering as much quality news as possible, every single day of the week. We've been called an aggregation site before, we're not, we're more than that. Users and staff members work together to pull out the very best from the internet, from all aspects of geek culture, and get it onto that great front page for everybody to enjoy. There's no other site on the net that does this better than us.

What do you have planned for the future?

We're going to continue to expand our reviews, preview and podcast content. Part of that is continuing to build on the good and long-standing relationships we have with publishers and developers, part of it is just putting in the hard work to keep delivering the quality of criticism and discussion we already do.

Beyond that we just want to grow our reader-base more and more. Community is very important to us, but we want a bigger one. We'd highly recommend adding us to your favourites tab, thousands of people from within the industry and out already do.