3DS gets Game Gear, TurboGrafx Virtual Consoles

New Virtual Console stores confirmed for 3DS

Nintendo has today added two more consoles to the 3DS' Virtual Console line-up. Alas, neither of them are Super NES or GBA.

Games from Sega's first handheld console, the Game Gear, will be making their way to Nintendo's portable, along with TurboGrafx-16 titles (a console already supported by Wii).


Nintendo didn't mention whether prices of Turbografx games on 3DS would match those on Wii, neither did it offer any titles that would be available initially, but it did say that five Game Gear games would be available on the system when the eShop arrives.

The 3DS launches later this month, but the eShop - and thus Virtual Console - won't be available until Nintendo releases the eShop update in 'Late may' as dated today.

The update will also allow for DSi purchase transfers, Hollywood movie trailers, DSiWare games and '3D Classics'. More information over here.