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Sony unveils spectacular new NGP demo

PlayStation's favourite dinosaur is back

Sony took the wraps of a new NGP (PSP2) augmented reality tech demo at GDC 2011 in San Francisco this afternoon - and left the crowd stunned.

Having showed a virtual mini-monkey dancing on the real-life PS3 box for Ape Escape, SCEJ New Software Solutions exec Tsutomu Horikawa saved the best to last.


He first reintroduced the crowd to an old dinosaur video, which Sony used as a tech demo to launch PSOne over a decade ago.

Having walked to the centre of the room, Horikawa then aimed an NGP towards an A3-sized image of a T-Rex on the floor. The rep then raised the camera of the NGP up towards the ceiling, to reveal a virtual jurassic monster as tall as GDC's Moscone Center.

As he moved the NGP down, it showed the beast's neck and body - drawing gasps and applause from the assembled audience.

CVG managed to capture a brief video of the demo in action, which you can check out below.

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[Update: IGN video added below]

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