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Battlefield Play4Free 'comparable to current-gen shooters'

EA targeting Valve, DICE, Infinity Ward, Epic and Bungie fans

Ben Cousins, general manager of EA's free-to-play division, has told CVG that Battlefield Play4Free's graphics and feature set are comparable to the top shooters on the market.


In a recent interview, he said the game's target audience is core shooter fans on PC and console - "the type of guys who buy games from Valve, DICE, Infinity Ward, Epic and Bungie and play them online with their friends."

Speaking about the game's production values, he added: "We are targeting lower minimum specs than those games, to make the game accessible to a broader audience, but I feel our graphics are definitely comparable to shooters on the current-gen consoles.

"In terms of features we are definitely comparable with any multiplayer shooter irrespective of platform, with the depth of the second-to-second gunplay, our RPG-like customisation system and the breadth of the large-scale vehicular warfare."

Yesterday Cousins said that the open beta for Battlefield Play4Free is set to kick off next month.