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10 of the best Nintendo 3DS games

The 3DS games we're looking forward to the most...

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For starters, you're now able to change to an alternative camera angle if you fancy, which lets you see the action from over your character's shoulder (with the 3D adding more depth). Then there's the ability to perform certain special moves by tapping icons on the touch screen.

Finally, the Figurine Mode lets you use the 3DS's StreetPass function to have scraps with people you walk past (assuming you both have a SSFIV game save) and build a figure collection in the process. All that aside, the fact that this is Super Street Fighter IV on a handheld is enough to have us excited.

The original Nintendogs was the game that kicked off the DS's popularity in the first place, so Nintendo clearly reckons its sequel will do the same for the 3DS. Obviously, the main addition is cats this time, but there are a few extra features that could be neat.

One is the ability to take an AR (Augmented Reality) card (the small cards that come with the 3DS), put it on your table, point the 3DS at it and watch as your Nintendog (or Nintencat) appears on your real-life table and starts running around. We can't think of anything else that will get little sisters the world over this excited, other than JLS kicking down their bedroom door and having a gig there and then.

When we saw the Kid Icarus trailer back at E3 it opened with Pit smarmily saying: "sorry to keep you waiting!". Turns out he wasn't joking, because Kid Icarus: Uprising won't be a 3DS launch game as we'd hoped. If it ends up playing as good as it appears though we're happy to wait, because it looks like it's going to be a blast.

It's part Sin and Punishment style shooter, part on-foot adventure game, and the 3DS's thumb slider will make controlling Pit a breeze as he soars through each stage. It's been 20 years since Pit has had a starring role in a game, so it's safe to say he's ready to explode back onto the scene in a big way.



While there's no sign yet of a Super Mario Galaxy or New Super Mario Bros game heading to the 3DS, that doesn't mean everyone's favourite chubby funster isn't still making the jump to 3D.

Paper Mario has the potential to be one of the most stylish games on the 3DS, and could be one of the best titles to make use of 3D graphics. The theme this time around is stickers: as Mario collects various stickers you can stick them onto the environment to help him proceed.

Can't get over a big gap? Use a sticker of a bridge. Want some help in one of the game's turn-based battles? Use a boot sticker to get extra attack power. This could be an interesting one.

Another sequel that we've been waiting a long time for - fourteen years to be exact - Pilotwings Resort sees you taking to the skies in a light plane, rocket belt or hang glider as you explore Wuhu Island (from Wii Fit and Wii Sports Resort) in a whole new way.

The 3D effect makes a huge difference, giving a great sense of scale and making it easier to judge distances. Since the 3DS also has a Mii Channel much like the Wii's, you can also use your Mii as the pilot. Finally, a chance to use our Mii of Tom Cruise from Top Gun!

All the excitement may be surrounding Super Street Fighter IV just now, but don't forget there's another fantastic fighting series making its Nintendo debut.


After its success with Metroid: Other M, Team Ninja is returning to what it knows and delivering another fighting game complete with elaborate combos, interactive scenery and jiggly lady bits. Dead Or Alive: Dimensions promises a vast roster of characters (including some faces that return from older DOA games) and a story mode that helps tie them all together.

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