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Pilotwings Resort was developed by Monster Games

First-party 3D title actually developed by Minnesota-based team

You might have assumed that first-party game Pilotwings Resort on 3DS was developed internally at Nintendo Japan's EAD studio. But it turns out that's not the case.


Nintendo producer Kensuke Tanabe oversees some of Nintendo's collaborations with external developmers. Speaking at GDC, Tanabe led a session on the development process for Donkey Kong Country Returns, and how this process has changed over the years between Nintendo and Metroid Prime developer Retro Studios.

During the speech Tanabe made mention of other top developers have worked on Nintendo games. He exampled Excite Truck and Excitebots on Wii, which were done by Minnesota, USA-based studio Monster Games who, it turns out, also did Pilotwings Resort.

Pilotwings Resort will be a launch game alongside the 3D on March 25 (UK) and March 27 (US), and we'd have our money on it being first to top the 3DS software chart.

Japan, meanwhile, got their 3DS' last weekend but won't be playing Pilotwings until it hits shops over there on April 14.

A whooping 40 new images of the game were released today, which let you check out Wuhu Island in all its glory.

[ SOURCE: Siliconera ]