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Sony NGP storage medium detailed

2GB/4GB cards detailed at Sony GDC presentation

Sony has finally released some clarifying details regarding the storage cards that NGP games will come on.


There will be 2GB and 4GB versions of the cards for games of varying sizes, 5-10% of which will be set aside for save game files and downloadable patches. That means devs will have around 1.8GB of space on the small cards and 3.6GB on the larger cards for actual game data.

This is a decent rise from PSP games, which come on 1GB or 1.8GB UMD discs, but not quit up with the average PS3 game which Sony says tends to sit around the 9GB mark (despite the 50GB capacity of a dual-layer Blu-ray disc).

Sony does however point out that its significantly more data than the average 10MB phone game.

Unlike the download-only PSPgo, the NGP is without internal storage of its own. Instead, Sony says users will have the option of "removable memory".

"Cards will be large to support a variety of downloaded content," said the presentation slide, referring to both add-on DLC and downloadable NGP games. Our best guess is it'll take high-capacity versions of Sony's own Memory Stick Pro-Duo cards, like the PSP and PSPgo.

The firm also says it will be implementing a single-submission process for both digital and physical retail versions of games, so all NGP games should hopefully appear in digital form alongside their physical counterparts.

In the same presentation Sony played down the notion that NGP is as powerful as PS3.

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]