Battlefield dev: 'We set aside PC too much'

DICE general manager, Karl Magnus Troedsson, regrets past PC neglect

DICE general manager, Karl Magnus Troedsson, has said the developer regrets its past neglect of the PC community, and that it's intent on making up it with Battlefield 3.


"I felt that we had, maybe, set PC aside a bit too much," he told Shacknews. "I've said this publicly before, we were very unhappy that we were not able to get a PC version out of Battlefield: Bad Company. It was down to sheer manpower, or lack thereof.

"We just failed there. It's something that we regret but it was a pure fact that we were faced upon," he added.

"We fixed that with Bad Company 2," he said, although PC gamers may debate that considering the lack of the Onslaught DLC pack that came to consoles only.

Troedsson went on: "Now it's Battlefield 3 and we thought, 'Now it's time to give some extra love to the PC community.' But also, we strongly believe in PC gaming. Two years ago, maybe one year ago, people talked about 'the decline of PC gaming.' Or 'the death of PC gaming.' These kind of words were thrown around and, honestly, that's bullshit.

"PC gamers are probably the most hardcore players we have out there. Sure, online gameplay has been on the rise on the Xbox 360 and PS3. There are a lot of hardcore online players there too. But on PC? That's our core audience," he said.

He also assures gamers that its console-only DLC performance with Bad Company 2 would not be repeated with BF3. "I wouldn't call it 'lead platform after launch' but it's definitely going to get the same post-launch campaign or whatever we do there is going to apply to the PC as well."

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[ SOURCE: Shacknews ]