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Homefront review - 9/10 in OPM Italy

World's first review gives THQ shooter the thumbs up

[Update: CVG's Homefront review is now live and available to read online.]

The Official PlayStation Magazine Italy has given THQ's new shooter, Homefront, a 9/10 score in the world's first review.


That's according to the Homefront Facebook page, which boasts about the score in a post earlier today. "The 1st Homefront Review is here - and it's a 9 / 10! Official PlayStation Magazine Italy just gave Homefront a near-perfect score, calling it 'One of the most intense, emotional experiences of 2011'. Stay tuned for more reviews as they arrive..."

Kaos Studios' exciting new first-person shooter is off to a good start thanks to record pre-order numbers for publisher THQ, with around 200,000 US punters having signed up for battle ahead of the game's March 15 release date making it THQ's most pre-ordered title ever.