Halo Wars 2 could work on Kinect, says 343

"But we're not working on it right now"

A Halo Wars sequel could work on 360 motion cam Kinect, Microsoft's internal Halo studio 343 Industries has said.

Speaking to CVG this month, 343's creative director Frank O'Connor called the original consoles RTS "a huge success" in its own regard and didn't rule out chances of making a sequel in the future.

However, the studio isn't working on a follow-up to the strategy game right now, he said.


"The funny thing about Halo Wars is it actually beat our sales forecasts, so it was a bigger success than we expected," he said. "It was a big critical success and it's still the number one selling RTS on consoles this generation.

"In that regard it was a huge success but is the will to do a sequel there? Who knows. We could do something that works on Kinect, for example. There's no will against it but we're not working on it right now."

O'Conner said Microsoft's done "a lot of very cool experiments" with Halo in the past "with varying levels of success", but called Halo Wars "a successful example".

"We take risks in the universe and we always have done over the last ten years," he added. "The new novel explores the Forerunner universe which was originally a mystery and it goes deep, it explores it pretty fully.

"The appetite for this stuff is huge as long as the quality is there - and that's the way that we should approach it."

In the same interview the 343 man seemingly played down rumours that European studio Saber is behind a rumoured Halo 1 remake.