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Konami wants you to shape future Metal Gears

Facebook survey hints at new possibilities for Peace Walker

Got an opinion on the future of the Metal Gear series? We bet you have - few games breed opinions like Metal Gear Solid and its successors. Well, Konami wants to hear about it.

The publisher has just launched a "Survey Mission" on its Facebook page, open to fans and non-fans alike. Besides letting franchise veterans air their expertise via the time-honoured medium of box-ticking, the survey is ram-packed with hints as to the future direction of the series.

Things start off simple, with such topics as how many games you buy a year, which consoles you own and which genre you favour, but before long you'll be neck-deep in design minutiae - and in particular, questions about Peace Walker, the latest PlayStation Portable iteration.


So - how sneaky are you, exactly? When you encounter a wandering guard, do you distract him with a noise trap, stuff him full of tranquilisers or simply blow his head off with your trusty sidearm?

Do you find yourself wishing that there are more interactive objects per map, or less in the way of Close Quarters Combat, or that you were playing the game on an Android phone?

What about networking functions? Are you a keen CO-Ops player? Or is the main campaign more your bag? Did you finish the storyline? Did you replay any missions? Were their bosses you couldn't beat, or twists in the plot you never saw coming?

There's plenty to chew over, as you can see. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker came to PSP last year and was rather well thought-of. Rumours persist that a PS3 version is in the works, though according to series creator Hideo Kojima this would be a "challenge".

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