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Get your car designs in Motorstorm Apocalypse

Enter the competition and get scribbling

Are you a bit of a design hound? Ever wanted your designs to feature in some of your favourite games? Of course you have.

The Motorstorm Apocalypse competition offering you lot a trip to E3 all for the pleasure of representing CVG at racing may be wrapping up today, but we've got another off-road racing related opportunity for you.

We're not sure whether this is as cool as E3, cooler, or just plain colder than anything else you could get your tongue stuck to. Frankly, it's a bit awesome.

The chaps at Sony and Evolution Studios are giving you the chance to have your own custom paint-jobs brought to life by the Motorstorm Apocalypse developers and distributed to race fans via the PlayStation Network.


All you need to do is download one of the template screens at the bottom of this page - that's your blank canvas - scribble all over it using something like Paintshop so that it looks really cool and then send it off in an email using this link

There are a couple of pointers on the templates themselves too so make sure you take note.

Get designing.

If you've been following our recent coverage of the game you'll know a specially selected posse of CVG readers are taking part in a special Motorstorm Apocalypse challenge, where they'll be representing the honour of the site against all comers - and we're now pleased to day we'll be streaming the event live from next week.

In the meantime you can follow all the action on @Motorstormuk and keep 'em peeled for more great goodies appearing there soon.

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