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Motorstorm Apocalypse: Will it be a Burnout beater?

Debate: Tell us if you're excited for Sony's arcade racer

It's not long before the concrete crumbling devastation of Motorstorm Apocalypse will be upon us - in some ways quite literally.

This time developer Evolution has decided to take its extreme racer to the urban setting of a high-rise city on the west coast of America, but because smooth highways of shiny tarmac don't make for the bumpy rides Motorstorm has built its legacy upon, there's a twist.


This time the skyscrapers are falling, the roads are ripping and everything else is generally exploding in racers' faces as they bolt towards the finish in a daring competition at the epicentre of a massive earthquake.

It's looking like one of the most bombastic racers ever but the arcade racing area has seen its fair share of over-the-top action. If you're looking for high-speed, high-jeopardy racing, Criterion has probably been the go to developer in recent years. It's latest Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit mixes off the record racing with explosive four-wheeled duelling but Burnout: Paradise has probably been its most exhilarating in terms of racing.

So, collision-happy arcade racers, from what we've seen from Motorstorm Apocalypse beat the break-neck speeds and break-bones bust-ups of Burnout Paradise?

Maybe you think its competition comes from elsewhere, Hot Pursuit and the likes of Split/Second certainly pose a more overtly explosive challenge.

Perhaps you've been a Motorstorm disciple since the very beginning, in which case, are you confident that Apocalypse will provide the big bang the series needs to continue its momentum?