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Crysis 2 review - 9/10 in OXM

It was the multiplayer that tipped the balance, magazine says

OXM's latest issue includes the first review of upcoming shooter Crysis 2, which the magazine has awarded 9/10.

According to the mag, it was the multiplayer that tipped the balance. It describes the online experience as "some of the most exciting, angry and satisfying action you'll ever have".


The sheer spectacle of the single player campaign also left OXM impressed, and the mag said the game's Nanosuit "is both massively empowering and intelligently balanced by the need to manage its energy levels".

You can read the full review in the new issue of OXM, which goes on sale on Thursday and is with subscribers now.

Check out the upgrades and modifiers available in Crysis 2 multiplayer in this new weapons trailer.