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Dragon Age 2 has "best RPG combat ever"

Is this the best RPG of the decade? PC Gamer says maybe...

Dragon Age 2 is "darker, sexier and better" than the original and sports "the best RPG combat ever," according to PC Gamer UK's praise-filled review.

Last month we revealed the BioWare sequel had bagged an editor's choice award in the latest PCG, which has now long-since hit shelves sporting an impressive 94% review score.


PCG's verdict praises Dragon Age 2's "rapid and satisfying" combat, well-defined supporting cast and "impressive" player decisions that actually make a difference to the game world.

"Dragon Age 2 is not what you expect," the mag says. "Hell, even during preview sessions, I hadn't anticipated it being this much of a traditional sequel. But by locking down the context - the world and the politics - BioWare were free to fill their creation with more character and vitality than any title in recent memory.

"The best RPG of this decade? Nine more years will tell, but for now, yes."

Exciting stuff. Dragon Age 2 is out this Friday, March 11, but before then you can check out the Xbox Live demo that released last month.

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