Nintendo used 3D Mario Galaxy for 3DS experiments

Along with 3D versions of Animal Crossing, Wii Sports and Mario Kart Wii

Nintendo developer Hideki Konno has revealed that Nintendo has a version of Super Mario Galaxy that runs in stereoscopic 3D which, without hesitation, we'd trade our mums in exchange for a change to play.

Konno says that, in order to convince the suits at Nintendo that 3D was the way to go it knocked together 3D versions of a number of Wii games that prove what a difference it makes to the game.


We had previously heard about this having been done with Mario Kart Wii, along with Luigi's Mansion on GameCube and even a 3D GBA SP, but it turns out Super Mario Galaxy, Wii Sports and Animal Crossing on Wii were also among those experimented with.

"In order to convince them of the potential of using 3D graphics, we took a special LCD screen and hooked it up to a Wii," Konno told Kotaku.

"We were able to play Mario Kart Wii on a 3D screen and we were also able to do a number of other experiments, again, sort of exploring the potential of how it could affect gameplay. For example we worked with Animal Crossing, Super Mario Galaxy and Wii Sports as well," he added.

Konno says Wii Sports Golf was particularly effective in backing up Nintendo's belief that 3D gaming can actually give players real gameplay advantages thanks to the added depth perception.

"One thing that was particularly impactful was on Wii Sports golf," he said. "When you got to the green, you were actually able to see the undulation of the green itself and were able to understand the distance between you and the hole and how the terrain rolled up or down, side-to-side and whatnot.

"And not just on the greens, but on the fairway. If you were looking at a course that sloped down or had a precipitous upgrade, looking at that in 3D really brought that impact out and made it stronger."

Okay Konno, but where's that 3D copy of Super Mario Galaxy 3D? Can we have it?

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]