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New Tomb Raider movie to reboot franchise

Origins story to come from makers of The Departed

Just as the next Tomb Raider game will reboot the franchise with a younger Lara Croft and a grittier tone, a new Tomb Raider movie is set to go back to the adventurer's origins as well.

GK Films has acquired the feature film rights to Tomb Raider and will reboot the action-adventure franchise aiming for a 2013 release for the first film according to reports.


GK Films is headed by producer Graham King and has a wealth of Hollywood hits in its archive such as The Departed, Blood Diamond, Gangs of New York and Ali.

According to GK Films, the goal is to "create daring new adventures for the young and dynamic Lara Croft."

The Tomb Raider reboot of the gaming world was revealed in December. Have a read of all the details if you haven't already.

[ SOURCE: Hollywood Reporter ]