GTA V codenamed 'Rush', characters uncovered?

Casting calls could relate to next Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto V is codenamed "Rush" and has the usual string of street-smart deviants on its books.

That's if the conclusions of industry leakaholic Superannuation's latest search engine sweep hold any water.


The search uncovered a casting call for an "interactive project" called "Rush" from Telsey & Company, a firm regularly used by Rockstar.

The call itself was for the following GTA-friendly sounding characters:

  • Mitch Hayes:
    38 - Annoying, wise cracking, highly successful FBI agent. In great shape. Does triathlons, drinks low cal beer, but still has a sense of humor.
  • Miguel Gonzalez:
    25 Young Mexican American FBI agent, caught between a few mob bosses. Very clean cut
  • Clyde:
    23 - Moronic, almost inbred and creepy white trash hillbilly. Very na´ve but in a creepy 'it's only incest sort of way'
  • Brother Adam:
    Welsh monk / cult leader / yoga teacher - 50, very lithe, very into exploring your personal tension through gripping massage. Needs Welsh accent.
  • Mrs Avery:
    Neurotic soccer mom, home maker, 48, anxious and addled on pain killers. Very angry at neighbor MRS Bell.
  • Mrs Bell:
    Swinger, and mellow Californian divorcee. 45. Ugly but comfortable with self.
  • Eddie:
    47 - Weed evangelist, guy who started smoking at 30, and is now a leading proponent of marijuana's fantastic properties. White, awkward.
  • Ira Bernstein:
    56 - publicist for an actress known as America's newest sweetheart who just so happens to love animals, orphans, drugs and sex. He's always trying to hide her latest indiscretion.
  • Kevin De Silva:
    18 - Albert's fat, FPS playing gamer son. Smokes a lot of weed, has anxiety issues and a card for a bad back, very soft, very opinionated. Into making racist comments while playing online.
  • Harut Vartanyan:
    42-52 years old - Armenian car dealer, moneylender, would be Fagin and would be bully. Heavily connected to the underworld, but irritates people so much no one likes him.
  • Nervous Jerry:
    48 - paranoiac living in the sticks, near Simon, completely paranoid, and terrified of Simon.
  • Calvin North:
    55 - clapped out FBI agent who now mostly works offering advice on TV shows - whose only claim to fame turns out to be entirely false - but a decent guy in other ways. Badly dressed. Divorced. Putting on weight.
  • Jerry Cole:
    53 - disabled IT expert and criminal information vendor.
  • Rich Roberts:
    English hardman actor, 35, who acts tough but who wants to do serious work - the only problem is he can't quite read the words.
  • Alex:
    white 52 yr old loosie goosie hippy rich guy who has lost his money and is getting desperate but trying not to.
  • Scarlet:
    45-52 years old - unshaven female spiritualist and hippy with a love of exploring the wilderness. Very into journeys.
  • Chad:
    29 - pretty boy misogynist Beverly Hills party boy. Made money, but not as cool as he thinks he is.
  • Tae Wong:
    39 - somewhat incompetent Chinese mobster, loves doing ecstasy, going to raves.
  • Taes Translator:
    45 - VERY STRAIGHT LACED Chinese translator, terrified of his boss's dad. Male, awkward. Needs to speak Chinese.

You can add all that to the possible GTA V web domains uncovered at the end of last month. All speculation, remember, but these bits and pieces all seem to fit together.