Dragon Age 2 review - 90% in PSM3

"DA2 is as quick as a knife," says mag

The latest Dragon Age 2 review has arrived, ahead of the online embargo blowing wide open at 5pm this afternoon.

The latest issue of PSM3's awarded the BioWare game 90%, praising its "fluid and satisfying" combat and "admirable freedom" in play style and character development.


The mag particularly likes how BioWare's cut out the fluff this time around, getting straight to the action and never letting up. "Where the first game was ponderous and reserved, DA2 is as quick as a knife," it says.

So why not quite as high as PC Gamer's epic 94% Dragon Age 2 review?

Well, while the combat is very good it's "not always precise," explains the mag, and for some part Dragon Age 2 "feels built for PC: targeting specific foes is still tough, and the lack of a completely free Camera mode means getting a view of the battlefield is harder than it should be."

You can look forward to reading all the praise and criticism later this afternoon.

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