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Homefront campaign is 'five hours long'

But that's not a significant problem, says PSM3 Homefront review

Homefront's single-player campaign is five hours long, according to the latest review in PSM3 magazine.

Last week Official PlayStation Magazine Italy delivered its verdict on THQ's and Kaos Studios' upcoming shooter, awarding it an impressive 9/10 score.


This week PSM3 has put the FPS through its paces and given it a score of 83% in its six-page review.

And despite the campaign's length being on the short side, the mag says it doesn't feel it's a major problem:

"That short, short length of the main story may seem like a major sticking point, but it isn't as significant as you might fear," it says. "Homefront is relentlessly brutal and constantly puts you in new, unusual and memorable scenarios, varying the pace to keep things interesting."

PSM3 admits it was left wanting more at the end, "but not because we felt that the story was lacking or that we hadn't been playing for long enough - we were just keen to keep playing".

Multiplayer also fared well, with PSM3 praising guns that "really come into their own" and a battle point system ensures that games "rarely feel one-sided".

Homefront is already off to a good start thanks to record pre-order numbers for publisher THQ.