Saints Row 3: First details

'San Andreas' XP system, multiplayer dropped, sex toys...

The first Saints Row 3 details have arrived, via US retailer mag Game Informer.

Just as we revealed last week, GI confirms that Saints Row: The Third sees the Third Street Saints evolve from street gang to household brand name - but their celebrity status has not gone unnoticed and they're now locked in a war with legendary criminal fraternity, 'The Syndicate'.


The third game has you yet again playing as the same custom hero from the first and second Saints Row games, this time introducing what's described as a "San Andreas-style" levelling system in which XP points will decide your combat skills, or even how fat or thin your character is.

Fans will be pleased to hear the series has maintained its unique brand of humour, says GI, with character costumes including space suits, cowboy outfits, cheerleader, pirate and ninja costumes.

There's also a weapon that sounds like a gigantic, floppy sex toy. Apparently you can add an unmistakable degree of insult to your attacks by battering baddies with this particular item, and every weapon in the game also includes a new 'nut shot' move, each of which is unique to individual weapon.

Your arsenal is now fully upgradeable, the mag reveals, with assault rifles ready to be bolstered with sniper scopes and grenade launchers and shotguns able to be fitted with a third barrel to turn them into "Gravediggers".

The motoring side of the game sees similar customisation options, says GI, and players can pimp their motors in both a cosmetic and performance fashion.

Interestingly, missions can now be tackled in multiple ways, it's revealed, with a siege against an enemy tower given as one example. Players can either decide to fight through the tower and take it for themselves, gaining access to new funds, or they can just blow it up.

Another example is a mission tasking you to capture a boat full of prostitutes. Once captured players can opt to sell the boat back to its owners for cash, or keep it and pimp out the working girls for extra funds.

Another nifty sounding feature includes the new 'RC gun', which shoots electronic bugs that attach to vehicles and allow you to control them remotely. Apparently this weapon will be upgraded as you progress allowing you to capture larger vehicles, but it still sounds useful for ploughing unmanned motors into groups of enemies.

And when cars don't do the job, you can pull out your laser pointer and call in an airstrike.

Finally, multiplayer has been completely dropped from Saints Row 3, with the online focus instead shifting to co-op, says GI.

Good stuff. We'll hopefully have more for you very soon.

[ SOURCE: GameFAQs ]