Dragon Age 2 review - 90% in GamesMaster

'Far more personality and appeal than before' says mag

You've probably already been clued in on PSM3's Dragon Age II review, but now it's time for GamesMaster to weigh in on the debate.

The multi-platform mag agrees with the PlayStation lot right down to the last digit, giving BioWare's RPG 90 percent.


"BioWare has comprehensively hit back at detractors of the original game and Dragon Age II delivers a distinctive fantasy RPG with far broader appeal and personality than before."

The second outing of the largish lizards is described as having a "slicker, more streamlined approached", which few could argue isn't a vast improvement.

Visually GM can't say Dragon Age II looked as good as Mass Effect (not that you were expecting that) but it is "ten times better than the original".

A continually strong outing for the BioWare game in the press, then.

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