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BioWare 'very proud' of 'bold' Dragon Age 2

Developer 'raised the bar' with sequel, says Muzyka

BioWare co-founder Dr. Ray Muzyka's said how "proud" the studio is of latest title, Dragon Age 2, which releases in Europe this Friday.

Speaking ahead of this afternoon's review embargo, Muzyka claimed the developer's raised the bar for both the franchise and the RPG genre.


"I am very proud of the bold, ambitious direction our team took with Dragon Age II, which I think is some of the best work yet from BioWare," he said.

"The Dragon Age team built on their success with Dragon Age: Origins and also focused on innovation for our players, delivering better combat, creating an incredible new art style and introducing a dynamic storytelling technique to really raise the bar for both the franchise and the genre."

The latest Dragon Age 2 review arrived this month via PSM3.