Prototype 2 details arrive in OXM

"A smoother, more considerate game," says mag

The first proper Prototype 2 details have arrived, via the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine UK.

Published by Activision, the new game once again takes place in a mutant-infested New York City, with the player taking the role of new protagonist Sergeant James Heller, a "grizzled military veteran" who has lost his family to the plague.


The first game's Alex Mercer returns as your nemesis, which should certainly spice the story up a bit.

"Heller is an infinitely cooler character than his (and your) new arch-rival," OXM reports. "He's a resourceful, at times subordinate, combat specialist who soon learns to revel in the awesome physical capabilities the Blacklight virus bestows upon him".

While the basics of the game remain the same (big urban environments, oozy mutant powers and big explosions), Prototype 2 apparently borrows some inspiration from Batman: Arkham Asylum.

"It isn't a case of dumbing down the action," OXM explains, "It's a case of Radical finding a way to accommodate the same level of on-screen chaos as seen in Prototype 1, without replicating the occasional feeling of helplessness that marred that game".

Apparently Radical has "put some real thought into how a city would actually react to a catastrophic virulent outbreak", dividing the locales up into different socio-economic zones.

All in all, expect "a smoother, more considerate game world that allows you to properly feel like you're the strongest, smartest, slickest kid in the playground," the mag concludes.

Look for OXM - which also includes an exclusive Crysis 2 review - on shelves this Thursday, March 10.