GTA V: Location, location, location

Debate: Where would you like to see the next Grand Theft Auto set?

Grand Theft Auto V details are starting to seep out everywhere. At least, we think they are.

So far we've had web domains with tongue-in-cheek contemporary connotations and a casting call for some less than savoury characters via a familiar talent company. In both cases, there's a strong smell of Rockstar wafting through the air.


We've even had actor Declan Mulvey talk about his involvement on GTA V on his CV - before claiming that he meant 'GTA IV' and it was just a typo. Hmmm.

We know the Grand Theft Auto will have gangsters and druggies in it, we know it'll contain rude little quips at the expense of real-life happenings. But what people really want to know is where will the next GTA be set?

Why this is the first question on the end of everyone's tongue when it comes to a new GTA is simple. With a location announcement, we also get an idea of the kind of landscape we'll be zipping around in and the visual tone we'll be immersed in.

So, where would your ideal GTA V location be? Some have suggested a UK version of the game, although we can't see GTA: Peak District being too enthralling, whilst some have expressed a desire to visit pastures old with a return to San Andreas or Vice City.

Ourselves? We'd love a bit of GTA: Peru. Never going to happen though, is it?