Newell coy on Counter-Strike 2

'We'll worry about it after we ship Portal 2 and DotA 2,' says Valve boss

Gabe Newell definitely seemed a little taken aback when asked at GDC - on video, in front of a live audience, to be fair - if and when we'll ever see the release of Counter-Strike 2.

"We have to ship Portal 2, and then we have to ship DotA 2, and then we'll worry about Counter-Strike," he said.


"But are we going to see it or not," the host countered, to which Newell replied: "I can't say."

Hardly a denial, so we can live in hope. Hit the link below to watch Newell get in a bit of a flap.

A Facebook group was set up last year to petition Valve to develop Counter-Strike 2.

[ SOURCE: GamrFeed ]