Kinect UK price dips under magic £100 mark and others go £99 and lower

Industry luminaries predicted it, and now it's happened: The UK price of Microsoft's Kinect has dipped below £100.

Despite no official price cut, the price tag of the peripheral has been slashed at nearly every major UK retailer.


GAME is selling the device for £109.99 - £20 less than its SRP. Meanwhile, Amazon goes for a £104.40 price point, offers a £118.99 deal and goes as low as £109.85.

Of the other major retailers, is the first to plunge under the £100 barrier - with an eye-catching £99 offer.

The likes of Curry's, Argos and others on the High Street continue to carry a full price cost of £129.99 - but it is looking unlikely they will be able to continue selling at this level and stay competitive.

Microsoft recently told CVG that Xbox fans could look forward to "more and more" core games on Kinect.