New 3DS battery 'doubles capacity' of original

Nyko moves to extend three-hour play sessions with $20 battery replacement

Third party peripheral company Nyko has jumped at the chance to rectify one of the 3DS' common concerns - its battery life - with a new high capacity battery that stores double the juice of the original.


While we haven't sat down with a stopwatch and recorded times for every scenario and setting, our play to date has resulted in around five hours game time in 2D mode, and closer to three hours in 3D, as we explain in this in-depth 3DS feature that answers all of your most pressing questions on the new portable.

For some, that's understandably not enough. But Nyko has it covered.

"The Nyko Power Pak+ for Nintendo 3DS is a high-capacity rechargeable battery pack that offers double the battery life of the original 3DS battery," says the PR.

The battery itself extends the entire length of the machine externally, adding considerable bulk (and weight, we expect) to the unit, but does have "debossed finger rests" which Nyko says 'improves comfort". It's ugly too (pictured), but it's a trade-off.

The battery launches alongside the 3DS in US on March 27 for $19.99, which isn't bad, and a week later Nyko will release a matching $29.99 charge base because, presumably, the fatter battery won't fit into the original one which is a bummer. Both the battery and the dock, however, use the standard 3DS charge cable.

The standard battery will probably do just fine on normal days, but would you sacrifice sleekness for extra juice for long plane rides or road trips?