MotorStorm: Apocalypse demo hits today

Check out the Mainline track from Sony's upcoming racer

Sony's to launch a Motorstorm: Apocalypse demo on the PlayStation Network today.


Playable in 3D or (up to) 1080p HD depending on your set-up, it'll let you sample one of the game's 40 races, the earthquake hit Mainline: Off The Rails, as well as two of the 13 vehicle classes, Supercar and Superbike.

Also hitting the PlayStation Store today are a variety of MotorStorm PSN avatars and a dynamic theme featuring the characters of in the game.

Hopefully you'll be able to download what you want before the PSN goes offline for 11 hours of "scheduled maintenance" from 4:05pm GMT this afternoon.

The title hits UK stores on March 18. CVG's Motorstorm: Apocalypse review went live today.

Don't forget to join tomorrow, Thursday March 10th at 18:45 where we'll be broadcasting all the action as a team of CVG readers will be taking on all comers in the Motorstorm Apocalypse challenge.

Don't forget you can also score yourself a free copy of the game, plus an exclusive Motorstorm Apocalypse t-shirt and merchandise by simply clicking here.