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Uncharted 3: 74 killer screens from latest trailer

Have a closer look at Drake's new adversaries

On Tuesday Naughty Dog released a new Uncharted 3 trailer showing what we assume is an in-game cutscene.

It features Nate and Sully getting a beat down by some Guy Ritchie-style Brits in an alley, before our lovable hero is confronted by an altogether more sophisticated - and more female - foe.


The footage looks spectacular as always, with Naughty Dog's animation abilities and subtle voice work from the cast shining through yet again.

It all looks so good, in fact, that we thought it appropriate to grab a mammoth 74 screens from the trailer so that you can inspect every grimace frame by frame.

For more Uncharted video action have a look at the extended Uncharted 3 trailer released in January. Enjoy the wealth of screens below.