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Epic's 'next-gen' Unreal video - 101 amazing screenshots

Pick apart next-gen gaming frame by frame

If you haven't seen the impressive 'next-gen' Unreal Engine tech demo yet, go and have a look. We'll wait.

For those of you who have come prepared, well done, it's now time to have a look at that stunning bit of neon-noir footage in a bit more detail.


Everything from the rain drops to the smoke snaking from our protagonist's cigarette looks spectacular in the trailer and, although it's just a tech demo, we hope this becomes something more playable in the future. A game perhaps?

It's being dubbed the 'Samaritan' trailer and, as you'll see in one of our beautiful stills, the word 'Samaritan' appears on the side of the camera that's being waved around by the giant mech at the end.

Epic has been making similar graphical waves in the handheld arena through Infinity Blade on the iPad and iPhone. The studio is getting behind the iPad 2 stating that it's 'fantastic for gaming.'

Have a peruse and let us know what you think.