Pokemon: 'When I made Black/White I wasn't considering existing Pokémon users'

Game Freak director is already looking to the future...

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There are a lot of Legendary Pokémon in Black/White. How do you decide which Pokémon
are more important?

Talking about Legendary Pokémon in general, most of the time the order comes from the planning team - they already have ideas about which type of Pokémon they'd like, and what type they should be.

Talking about Reshiram and Zekrom, I had the idea of the types they should be, and that they should be used for this purpose. But with other Pokémon, sometimes we get requests from the planning team who will say we would like to have this type of Pokémon, or they want them to have a certain number or position in the Pokédex, and then the design team start to think and start to draw.

But then sometimes it's the other way around, and the designers will have their own ideas, and they start to draw and then present their ideas.

Are you ever tempted to produce a full Pokémon RPG on a home console like the Wii? Or can we expect to see some connectivity between DS or 3DS Pokémon titles and the Wii in future?


When creating Pokémon titles, Game Freak evaluates all the possibilities - that's why we are choosing DS for now. When you think about the main character in the videogame, carrying Pokéballs around with him or her... well, I wanted the players to carry along their DS with them in the same way to feel closer to the game.

Also, when exchanging Pokémon, or using the C-Gear to see other players around you or near you who are playing Black/White, we think DS is the most appropriate machine for this.

Of course there's not a zero possibility of having a Pokémon RPG for a home console, but only if there is something we can make out of it that's fun.

For this game we have introduced the Global Link, which allows users to connect to a PC, so that there is something to play at home.

Can we expect to see other spin-offs featuring the new Pokémon from Black/White?

Game Freak is not developing any other videogames for the Wii in the foreseeable future, as far as I know. There could be some other possibilities, but I am not really sure.

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