New survival horror 'Amy' is PSN-exclusive

Developed by French-based studio VictorCell

Lexis Numerique has unveiled a new survival horror game in development exclusively for PS3 via PSN.

Entitled 'Amy', the game's in development at Lexis Numerique sister firm, VectorCell, headed up by a Paul Cuisset, who you'll have probably never heard of because, apart from Moto Race, his last hit was the 1992-released Flashback.

Set in the year 2034, the game takes place on a future Earth in which global warming has spawned widespread disease and frequent natural disasters. The game stars a female protagonist whose name you can guess for yourself.

No you can't - it's Lana. We had you going, though.

Lana's a resident of the small US town of Silver City, which is hit by a comet. Waking up from brief unconsciousness, Lana finds everyone she once knew infected by some form of virus that has transformed them into ravenous, violent beasts and the world around her is destroyed.

Wounded and slowly falling victim to the virus herself, she seeks to escape this nightmare. But the presence of a small girl named Amy will apparently force Lana to make tough decisions, as the army, survivors and even infected are force to work together to escape the pursuing hordes, according to Electronic Theatre.

The game's due out in 'Q2 2011'.

[ SOURCE: Electronic Theatre ]