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Saints Row 3 multiplayer axed because 'majority want co-op'

Volition focusing on 'blowing single-player and co-op out of the water'

Competitive multiplayer modes have been axed for Saints Row: The Third because the majority of fans want single-player and co-op, Volition's told Game Informer.

Both previous Saints Row games featured competitive multiplayer modes but they weren't nearly as popular as the main story. Because of this, Volition's scrapped competitive modes for Saints Row: The Third, it says.


"The majority of people wanted the single-player and co-op experience, so we're focusing on blowing that out of the water," senior producer Greg Donovan explains to Game Informer.

Every mission and activity in the third game can be played with a co-op partner, says Volition, with full drop-in and drop-out support.

"We want this cohesive experience where players walk away going 'I can't believe I'm seeing this. I can't believe I'm f***ing doing this,'" he added, specifically discussing the game's single-player missions.

The first proper Saints Row: The Third details arrived earlier this week.

In the same GI article, the developer said determining how far it can go with risky Saints Row 3 content is "like defining porn".

[ SOURCE: Game Informer ]