Saints Row 3: First screens

THQ's hype train pulls out of the station

Following the first details and leaked artwork, US retailer mag Game Informer's put the first handful of Saints Row: The Third screens online.

Most of the images show the title's arsenal of mental guns, which can be customised and upgraded by players this time round.


One suspect tool detailed is the Sex Toy Bat, which GI says has "a mind of its own, wobbling around in a disturbing display of physics.

"Give a grandma a swift swing with this bat and you'll witness a splash of blood and a body slamming against the pavement. It can't feel good to get knocked out by the sex toy bat, but we think the insult may be worse than the injury in this case," it says.

In the GI article, Volition said determining how far it can go with risky Saints Row 3 content is "like defining porn".

See the rest of the screens over on Game Informer.

[ SOURCE: Game Informer ]