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Star Fox 64 3DS will be 'easier to play'

Producer discusses N64 revival

StarFox 64 3DS is easier to play than the N64 original.

That's the message from 3DS producer Hideki Konno, who believes that flying through rings on 3DS is simpler than on the N64 original because of the added dimension.


"In StarFox, there's the mode where you're flying through rings," Konno explained to The Guardian. "On a 2D screen, sometimes that's hard to do, because you can't understand how far one ring is from the other. But now, with the 3DS, it's easier to see where they are."

The producer also claimed that the 3D screen will make golf games easier to play. "With a golf game, you can see how the green undulates much easier - because that's so hard to do in 2D, usually in a golf game, when you go into putting mode, you'll get that grid; with 3D, you can see that yourself," he said.

StarFox 3D was one of the first games to be announced for 3DS back at E3 2010 and the game will apparently be released this year.

Here's the first StarFox 64 3D gameplay footage.

[ SOURCE: The Guardian ]