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Nintendo 3DS reviews in Edge

Nintendogs + Cats and Pilotwings Resort verdicts are in

Edge has delivered its verdict on a couple of the 3DS launch titles, Nintendogs + Cats and Pilotwings Resort.


Nintendogs + Cats has received a 7/10 score from the mag, which says it "promises a predictable life played out in unpredictable moments".

Edge says the game relies almost entirely on "visual pampering" to distinguish itself from the previous Nintendogs titles since its feature-set "is a near match for the DS original".

Much of the enjoyment lies in interacting with the cats and dogs and "it is the animation as a whole that makes a return visit worthwhile".

Edge awarded Pilotwings Resort 6/10, saying the title is "proving that as well as being an eye-catching novelty, 3D can be gently alluring too".

One problem with the title is a lack of locations. "While exploring every tucked-away cave and hidden inlet will take a little time, there's nowhere else to visit once you're done," says the review.

Edge concludes by saying: "Pilotwings, along with Capcom's port of Super Street Fighter IV, is one of the 3DS launch line-up's visual standouts: colourful, crisp and with horizons that have never looked so distant. It's disappointing, then, that you'll discover its limits so quickly."

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