GTAIV approaches 20M units shipped

Franchise tops 100M units sold since its PSone debut

Grand Theft Auto IV has shipped almost 20 million unit worldwide since its launch in early 2008, Take-Two has confirmed.

This figure, it notes, includes shipments of the 'Complete Edition' and 'Special Edition' versions of the game.


This has seen total sales for the franchise past the 100 million mark since the original game released on PSone in 1997.

The firm's other Rockstar-developed titles have also done well. Red Dead Redemption has sold "more than" 8 million units. Meanwhile the Midnight Club and Max Payne franchises have sold 18 million and 7 million units respectively.

On the 2K side, the BioShock franchise has passed the 8 million sales mark, the Civilization franchise has done 10 million, Borderlands has passed 4 million and Mafia has done nearly five million.

All sales figures are as of February 19, 2011.

The rumour mill has recently taken aim at Rockstar's next GTA effort, with nods to it being codenamed 'Rush' in a run of recently-discovered casting calls from a firm regularly used by Rockstar.