GT Academy US finalists named

32 players go through to the final round in Orlando

Sony has listed the names of the 32 finalists of the US GT Academy tournament that will go on to compete for the chance to become a real-life racing driver.


"During the National Finals Event in Orlando, the contestants will be divided into groups of four and will race in a series of live head-to-head races in Gran Turismo 5," Sony explains.

"Racing select Nissan vehicles, contestants with the fewest points at the end of each round will be eliminated until only the fastest 16 remain. The 16 finalists will advance to Phase Two of GT Academy, where they will compete against each other in a series of challenges, including going behind-the-wheel of real Nissan race cars."

The winner will join a real racing team and train towards their debut in a major endurance race.

Here are the finalists going to Orlando (in no particular order):

Carl Posey, Christopher Morton, Emerson Trimble, Ryan Gordon, Damian Gosztyla, Sean Johnston, Steve Driscoll, Brian Rice, Tom Carstensen, Kris Norris, Nick Fontana, Iliya Bridan, Connor Clifford, Kyong Oh, Gregory Russell, Darryl Sutherland, Christopher Roberts, Jason Miller, Matthew Wright, Phillip Arscott, Landon Harrison, Brett Jones, Glenn McGee Howle, John Wilding, Nick Tenhulzen, Jose Sebastian Cedeno, Andre Gomes, Rich Pratt, James Edwards, Bryan Heitkotter, Derek Dalton, and Brock Harrison.

The second European GT Academy tournament started on March 4. You'd better have been getting those times in already.

[ SOURCE: US PS Blog ]