Dragon Age 2: Where's cheapest?

All the best deals inside...

Dragon Age 2 is out today and if review scores are anything to go by it's pretty darn good.

But before you ditch work and race off to the shops, take a moment to check out our price round up. Your wallet will thank you for it later.


We've gathered all the best prices for Dragon Age 2 for the PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 for your consideration.

Both Amazon, HMV and Play have the game on the Xbox 360 and PS3 priced at £38.89. PC players can pick it up for 98 whole pence cheaper at Amazon, which is offering it for £27.91.

Amazon has the Signature Edition of the game priced at £49.00 on the 360, while Play's PC version is the cheaper of the two at £30.99.

Zavvi is offering Dragon Age 2 on console for £37.85 and on the PC for £27.85.

While GameGears' prices of the normal addition of the game are a little higher than others it is selling the Signature Edition at £39.15 on Xbox 360 and £27.15 on PC.

TheGameCollection seems to be the cheapest of the bunch at the moment with the console versions priced at £37.60 and the PC edition for £27.99.

Those who want to go the digital route can head over to Direct2Drive and pick up Dragon Age 2 for £29.95 on PC or £34.95 on Mac or get it on Valve's Steam service for £29.99.

If you spot any good prices on your adventures let us know in the comments below and we'll update the round-up.

Dragon Age 2's composer Inon Zur has admitted the sequel's score was 'kind of a rush job'.