Uncharted 3, Batman Arkham City, more - Get the NEW PSM3 podcast here!

Plus David Cage's 'emotional' war, game length debate and, uh, engines...

The new PSM3 podcast is available to download NOW, packed with the latest PS3 news, gossip, industry insight and 'natural' banter. It's available fortnightly, every other Friday, before 5pm - and, yes, it's free. You just need a PC/MAC/iPhone/Ipod or other digital device to download and hear it. On this week's podcast, we talk Batman Arkham City (we've just seen it running and - wow), GTA V's setting, 'ideal' game lengths and much, much more...

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On today's podcast, you can hear the dulcet tones of FPS expert Andy Hartup, jovial scotsman (and Batman fan) Andy Kelly and not-rant-averse PSM3 Editor Dan D. It's better than it sounds. Honest.

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