6 of the best 3D games in 2011

Get your glasses on, we're going big screen...

The Nintendo 3DS might be the cool kid on the block with its fancy glasses-free technology - but sometimes you're going to want swap your small screen for an explosive 3D session of mammoth proportions.

That's when the full-on experience of stereoscopic, big-screen 3D steps in and shouts at your eyes. Sony might be pushing the full-fat 3D experience on PS3, but the 360 may be just as capable of coming up with the visual goods.

2011 will be the first time game fanatics of all persuasions have a substantial 3D library to choose from. Here are big-screen 3D experiences we think you're going to have to consider this year...



Arguably the best looking series on console at the moment, the Uncharted story became universally loved almost overnight. There are a lot of reasons for the franchise's sky-rocketing popularity and its graphical prowess is certainly one of them.

The detailed lighting and epic draw-distance in parts made for some absolutely stunning vistas that caused a lot of gamers to stop and stare mid-action.

You've probably seen the initial cinematic trailer of Drake wandering through the desert and this is the footage we've been made privy to in 3D. And it looks stunning, it's some of the crispest 3D rendering we've seen, again, mostly based on depth but with some literally stand-out moments. Sully's cigar, for example, appears to go well beyond the screen.

We know, it's all well and good putting on a competent 3D display with CG you've had time to polish and perfect, but what about in-game real-time 3D?

Well, we think it's going to be pretty special. Look at the level that Naughty Dog has been banding around so far (the one in the burning villa) and you'll see loads of little 3D-friendly additions. The burning embers floating around the room and the way the camera takes a low angled shot as wooden planks fall from the ceiling are particularly designed for a bit of 3D goodness.

Add the tech to Naughty Dog's apparent graphical mastery and there's no doubt that Uncharted 3 will be a spectacle in 3D.



It's the setting that lends this one to a splattering of the third dimension. Oh sure, you can marvel at a few bullets whipping towards you - that's exciting, if you don't get out much - but real men need a barrage of broken breeze block hurtling towards their face to get the adrenaline pumping.

There's so much going on in Motorstorm Apocalypse that it deserves to be played in 3D: The shuddering sky-scrapers in the background, the glowing embers dancing on hot air in the foreground, shreds of paper swirling in the middle-distance and your fellow reckless racers bumping, crashing and exploding in every space in between - two dimensions just doesn't provide enough room.

Simply put, Motorstorm Apocalypse is one of the greatest visual spectacles on the PS3 thanks to everything that's going on in the world big and small, and 3D is the visual enhancer of our time. They just go together.



If the Uncharted series is considered one of the best looking games on PS3 then Killzone is one of the names keeping it from claiming the title outright.

FPS fans especially may put Killzone 3 at the top of their visual list and for good reason. The three-quel showed off a more varied Helghast landscape, which allowed for a wider palette of rich colours and textures.

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